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Strong Mint - 0% Nicotine Pods - Clearance Sale

Strong Mint - 0% Nicotine Pods - Clearance Sale

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YOOZ Nicotine-Free Pods help vapers leave nicotine behind. They equip the same great technologies as our other pods, while some flavors like Cappucino, Ice Matcha Latte and Golden Energy provide a little kick thanks to caffeine extracted from real coffee beans. High-Performance Ceramic Atomizer, using advanced atomization technology, the TrueFeel honey comb ceramic atomizer produces a fine vapor with smoother mouthfeel and stronger throat hit. Created with a leak-Proof Design, it gives better pulls every time with an upgraded mouthpiece designed to fit perfectly to your lips.

Flavor: Ice Watermelon
Nicotine Level: 0%
Capacity: 2mL
Quantity: 2 pods
Drip Tip Material: Medical grade PCT-G
Coil Head: FEELM honeycomb ceramic
Product Size: 1.95 x 2.1 x 1.15cm
Package Size: 4 x 4 x 2cm
Product Weight: 0.006kg
Package Weight: 0.026kg


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