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4X Shell - Casing Only (Box of 6)

4X Shell - Casing Only (Box of 6)

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Replaceable Shells (case) for YOOZ 4X Devices

YOOZ Pods and 4X Device Not Yet Included

Collections Available:
- Street Culture
- Vintage Era
- Fantasy World
- Mysterious Realm
- Stranger Things

Compatible with: YOOZ 4X Devices Only

This accessory is not compatible with YOOZ Series 2 / Uni Devices.

YOOZ 4X is a leader in using cutting-edge vaping technology. With a new intelligent heating technology that gives the vape user 70% improved rich satisfying vapor performance, longer battery life, monster mode for higher performance, super charge technology, smart vibrate indication, YOOZ 4X lets you experience an evolved vape experience.

One (1) YOOZ 4X Replacement Shell

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